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Casualties is a two-part neon art series inspired by our communication culture. It specifically focuses on emojis and how they highlight the duality in modern day communications. As technologically advanced we have become, we depend more and more on one of the earliest forms of language, pictograms, to express ourselves. Emojis can be explicit and cryptic, as well as offer cross-cultural meaning and be culturally specific making it a linguistic tool and impediment. Neon was the perfect medium to capture this dichotomy as neon itself began as a communication tool, but has evolved to also encompass the ability to be an expressive art form. 

Casualties is accompanied by a "footnote" in the form of a vignette featuring real texts that illustrate the concept.

PVC, wood; glass tubing with helium gas
30 x 30" in a custom frame

Bright living room for those who seek harmony

"The Agony and Ecstasy of Wednesday"
PVC, wood; glass tubing with argon gas
36 x 36" in a custom frame

Creative and modern