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Resting on a Rainbow: Artist Uses Unique Film to Create a Prismatic Chair

For Juliette Mutzke-Felippelli, a colorful – and musical – bolt of inspiration struck while she was building a chair in a furniture construction class. The inspiration transformed a functional piece of furniture into a vibrant work of art. She had just discovered 3M Dichroic Glass Film and was eager to use it.

It’s the first dichroic finished piece she’s created for the new design studio, Joogii, which she co-owns with her husband, Diogo Felippelli.

Juliette works full-time as an interior designer, but she and her husband really wanted to start creating objects together. “We really wanted to make things we’re passionate about,” she says. “He focuses mostly on wristwatches, and I want to work more with dichroic.”

For this work, called French Touch, Juliette was inspired by 1990s French house music. “It carries the same essence as the music back then,” she says. “It is transformative, futuristic and makes you smile.” While the chair was her creation, she and Diogo worked together on a mixed tape that is part of the piece. 

She is working on more projects with 3M Dichroic, including a line of furniture.