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The Joogii J1 is Keeping it Clean - by Wrist Watch Review

As you are no doubt aware, watches on Kickstarter have become quite a thing as of late. We, through Matt’s efforts, have covered a lot of them. Lately, though, we have restricted ourselves to the more interesting products, because there are a lot of “me too” thin quartz watches cropping up. While what I am going to be talking about today is indeed a quartz three-hander, the design merits a mention. With that, let’s take a look at what the Joogii J1 has to offer.

When I first saw photos of the Joogii J1, I felt it had a very Braun feel to it, mostly because of the yellow seconds hand. I do not think that mental association is an accident, as their materials do indicate that they specifically went for a very Bauhaus feel. On the whole, the handset is elongated, stretching out to the edges of the dial – which means these are long hands indeed, as this particular case measures in a 45mm.