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Designers That Are Mastering Tinted Lucite Decor

The Future Perfect
“I’ve always loved lucite,” says California native Juliette Mutzke-Felippelli, who, with her husband, Diogo Felippelli, goes by the brand name Joogii Design. “It feels vintage, but it can also feel futuristic, which is unique.” In 2015, the former DJs, who live in Los Angeles, set the blogosphere ablaze with a flat-planed, iridescent chair inspired by French house music of the 1990s. Six months later, they expanded their French Touch collection to include a new chair, tables, vases, a paperweight, and sculptural bangles.

Building the furniture can take up to four weeks: First, Joe Valiente, owner of Graphic Spider, an acrylic fabricator, cuts the pieces using a CNC machine and plane polishes the edges, then Ely Sorkin—known for his hip-hop-inspired car wraps favored by celebrities like Amber Rose—coats the inner layers with 3M Dichroic Glass Film to deliver that shocking look. The couple then assembles everything in house. “What’s really cool about it,” says Mutzke-Felippelli, “is it has a colorful shadow, so when you take it out in the sunlight, you see all these colors on the ground.”