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French Touch Collection

Trends: Furniture and Cutlery Colored Like a Bubble

Joogii - FT Collection - Chair.jpg

'Color Flow' furniture from the Korean Orijeen, price on request. 

The 'Giorgio' chair by Joogii is named after disco pioneer Giorgio Moroder, euro 4.615. 

These iridescent furniture will change color, depending on your position and the light. Just like a bubble in the sun. 

Lamp 'Iris' by Neocraft is blown by mouth with crystal glass. Diameter 30 cm, euro 2.750. 

Table from the 'Shimmer' collection by Patricia Urquiola for Glas Italia. 240 cm wide, euro 6.179. 

Colored cutlery of stainless steel. Between euro 4 and 7 each.



January 2017: AD Watchlist

January 2017: AD Watchlist

Juliette Mutzke-Felippelli and Diogo Felippelli have succeeded in what most people fail: they have materialized music. Their French Touch Collection is a groovy tribute to the eponymous House style, the Laurent Garnier or Etienne de Crécy sent around the world in the 90's from France.